This HDD mix pump unit has a hydraulic pump driven by the PTO, so no extra motor is needed; Saving space and noise!

– Mixing- and High Pressure Pump can be used simultaneously
– Tailor-made also offering place for the drilling machine
– Hydraulic driven by PTO of truck, fixed diesel engine rpm
– Wireless Remote Control with Pressure Reading and Liters Per Minute
– Hydraulically driven hose reel 50 meters with 1 1/4” high pressure hose
– 3x 3000 liter tank for clean water, mixing and mixed product (buffer)
– Mix tank level measurement so the mix pump automatically stops at low level (low level security)
– Level measurement buffer tank so the HP pump stops automatically at low level (low level security)
– Use high pressure pump to clean the machine as pressure washer
– KSB Mix pump with mechanical seal

– Build-in into trailer/container/truck
– trailer/container size 8200 x 2450 x 2200 mm (LxWxH)

– 2x PTO MAN truck with a consumption of ±55kW
– Speed ​​PTO HP pump 1068 RPM
– Speed ​​PTO mix pump 672 RPM

Hydraulics HP pump:
– Ls-pump max. 137 L/min
– Stroke volume 2 x 64 cm3/rev
HydraulicsMix pump:
– Ls-Pump 68 L/min
– Stroke volume 101 cm3/rev

Mix pump:
– Capacity 1000 L/min
– Max. 5 bar working pressure

HP pump:
– Capacity 250 L/min
– Working pressure 65 bar maximum

– Stainless steel electrical box mounted on unit
– Teleradio remote control

– 2500 kg

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