Vertical Drilling Rigs (Beretta)

Beretta Alfredo SrL

Beretta Alfredo SrL was established in 1964 by its founder Alfredo Beretta after having developed a significant experience in the production of compressed-air drilling rigs.

A family-based company with growth ambitions, which took an effective shape when the sons entered the business.
Concepts, experience, passion for work, professionalism and innovation, Beretta a leading company in the small- and medium-sized drilling industry.

Thousands rigs are currently operating in sites all over the world.

where BERETTA brand shows its performance, its quality in the various applications used in geotechnics, diagnostics, anchoring, geothermal investigations, thus gaining a reputation among its users.

Every day is started with the same enthusiasm and passion as in the early days, but with the added value of experience.

Again, the innovative concepts and the awareness of the strength of the group, which, being like a family, makes the difference and always aims at the utmost customer satisfaction.

Rhino Supply is a proud dealer for all Beretta Alfredo equipment.

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