Mix- & Pump units

The base of each HDD project is the drilling fluid, hence the phrase “a good start is half the work”.
Therefore the fluid systems (Mix, Pump and Recycling/Reclaiming system) are just as important as the drilling rig and only all units together will offer the optimal situation to complete your projects.

Mix- Pump units
In case the drill rig is not equipped with an on-board high pressure pump or if its capacity is not sufficient a Mix- & High pressure pump unit offers the best of both worlds. Featuring both the mix and high pressure pump functionality in one unit makes this the perfect solution for small to medium drill rigs.

Available as stand-alone skid versions to completely build-in a trailer and optionally even driven by PTO of the truck. These systems all have the same well-proven quality and performance but are always fine-tuned to your needs! Choice of different brands of engine, pump, high pressure pump etc, al to make sure the final configuration fully matches your requirements.