A new “Walk-over” locating system in Europe but already on the market in the USA for some time now, which has proven to be a very reliable und much less sensitive instrument compared to other existing systems.

The set is available in Europe for a year now and the reactions here are also very positive.
Rhino Supply is the Underground Magnetics dealer for The Netherlands and North Belgium.
A number of advantages over the existing locating systems:

  • Extra filters in the receiver, making it less susceptible to interference
  • Longer transmitter range (from 50 to 110 meters!)
  • More frequencies available (Multi Frequency)
  • Downhole Switch over Frequency & Power
  • Ability to drill towards the receiver (bore-to function)
  • Rechargeable Lithium batteries for the transmitter
  • Rechargeable Lithium batteries for the receiver and display
  • Bore Logger
  • Single Point locating
  • Handy (no longer having to bend over while measuring)
  • Handy and compact case

The transmitters of 90 and 110 meters are slightly thicker and longer than the normal transmitters.
To achieve this large range, the manufacturer has depleted the antenna in the transmitter so that the batteries slide into the antenna, resulting in a stronger antenna with more power, and so offering a larger range.