Mag 7 Series

Unlike traditional HDD locating systems where the receiver only has one antenna, the Mag series receivers have two independent antennae for more accurate and precise locating. With state of the art digital signal processing and advanced communication designs, these receivers offer signal ranging up to 50 mtr, providing you the best range and accuracy in the industry.

For instance the Pack 3 set gives you a signal range of up to 50 mtr with the Echo 2S standard range transmitter.
Our most popular package! Even with the standard Echo 2S transmitter, this receiver gives you a signal range of up to 50 mtr.
Bore-To mode is easily accessible with a click of one button, no programming required.

This is the easiest locator in the world to operate.
Once set up, the operator never needs to press a button to accurately know where the transmitter is, and where it is going.
Add the ability to change not only 3 frequencies down hole but also change between high and low power.
Simple and powerful, the Mag 7 is your go to HDD locator for jobs that no other locator can do.

exploded view (download)