Underground Magnetics Echo 2S transmitter


Underground Magnetics Echo 2S transmitter

The Echo 2S transmitter offers three frequencies as well as two power levels. With a depth range of up to 160 feet in high power mode, the Echo 2S is the most powerful standard length transmitter available today. Add in the ability to change not only frequency, but also the power mode, down hole and you have a transmitter that can tackle any job.

Dimensions     : 1.25″ × 15″ (3.2 cm x 38 cm)
Frequency       : 4kHz/19kHz/30kHz
Battery Type   : 2 C-cell batteries, Echo Cell Kit or Echo Power Cells
Battery Life     : 12 hours, 20 hours, or 48 hours (normal power)NA, 5 hours, or 12 hours (high power)
Depth Range   : 90ft/130ft/130ft (normal power) 90ft/160ft/160ft (high power)
Roll                   : 24 Transmitter Roll Positions
Pitch                 : 0.1% resolution
Temp.               : Under 190°F
Down Hole Echo Mode Change : Able

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