The SC Series reciprocating pumps are built for “intermittent duty” at full ratings for shift type of work, i.e. eight hours per day. This pump line offers the same design features as the MA Series in a smaller more compact and cost-effective design for this type of work and follows Hydraulic Institute Standards.

The SC series provides economical solutions for intermittent duty and is available in many alloys for use in your specific pumping application.

Built for Heavy, Continuous Duty 24-Hours Per Day, 365 Days Per Year Application
Designed to Handle the Toughest Applications
Available in Configurations to Comply with the Hydraulic Institute Standards and API674
Metallurgies available are Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Carbon Steels and a variety of Stainless Steel

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Or visit their official website: https://www.pentair.com/en/products/water-supply-pumps/pentair-myers-industrial/sc-series-reciprocating-pumps.html

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