T-Series, Foundation Beretta

Foundations engineering:

Rigs for micro-drilling (size between 1 and 30 Ton) for micropiles, anchors, drainages, jet-grouting, tie backs and limited accesses.

The company is able to produce all the several types of machines that the market can offer, with engine on board, separated or removable power pack, with patented kinematics, that let the rigs drill in every condition.

All the possible configurations are available: full remote control, load sensing hydraulic system, classic set-up with direct commands without electronics.

Available models:

  • T21
  • T28
  • T38
  • TJ38
  • T41
  • T43
  • T43-R
  • T46
  • T46-S2
  • T48
  • T88
  • T109
  • T155
  • T189
  • T209
exploded view (download)