Rhino Pipe Handler 5″ with rotator/manipulator

Rhino Pipe Handler 5″

  • Suitable for Tube diameter: 127 mm, 5 inches

Rhino Pipe Handler 5″ with rotator/manipulator

This compact drill rod clamp with rotator has a narrow construction so that it can remove drill pipe from the crate without any problems. This drill rod clamp is suitable for use with a crane that is equipped with two additional hydraulic functions. The first extra function is needed to clamp the drill rod and with the other extra function one can operate the rotator/manipulator in order to position the rod.

  • Frame                      : High-quality steels
  • Dimensions            : 800 (L) x 180 (W) x 660 (H) (mm)
  • Tube diameter       : 127 mm, 5 inches
  • Weight                     : 130 kg
  • Max lifting weight : 300 kg

Equipped with:

  • Rotator/manipulator
  • Built-in maximum clamping force protection
  • Ballast protection, so it always grips the pipe properly (preventing the drill pipe from falling out)
  • Holding function after clamping
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