Underground Magnetics Echo 50 transmitter


Underground Magnetics Echo 50 transmitter

The Echo 50 is an extended range transmitter that offers up to ten frequencies as well as two power modes. Switch not only frequency but also power mode down hole. With a depth range of up to 160 feet in High Power Mode, the Echo 50 offers exceptional versatility in all drilling environments. No job is too big nor is any interference too loud for the Echo 50.

Dimensions     : 1.25″ x 15″ (3.2 cm x 38 cm)
Frequency        : 10 Frequencies 4kHz – 31kHz
Battery Type    : 2 C-cell batteries, Echo Power Cells
Battery Life      : 12 hours, 20 hours, or 48 hours (normal power) NA, 5 hours, or 12 hours (high power)
Depth Range    : 90ft/130ft/130ft (normal power) 90ft/160ft/160ft (high power)
Roll                    : 24 Transmitter Roll Positions
Pitch                  : 0.1% resolution
Temp.                : Under 190°F
Down Hole Echo Mode Change: Able

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