Underground Magnetics SET Mag 5S Pack 3 (1x Echo 50XF)


Underground Magnetics SET Mag 5S Pack 3 (1x Echo 50XF)

Core Features

Standard pairing with Echo 50XF transmitter providing 16 frequency options – from .325 kHz all the way up to 41kHz. The sub kHz frequencies all but eliminate rebar and wire mesh interference up to a range of 30 feet depth, and higher frequency options provide exceptional performance for projects requiring depth and distance ranges up to 150 feet. Pitch and roll update are designed for speed, along with an intuitive “Bore-To” feature that enables fast transition from over-the-head, to tracking -on-the-fly with one tap of a button.

– Mag 5S Receiver
– Mag 5S Display
– Mag Receiver/Display battery charger +one battery
– Cary Case
– Mag Tape measure
– Mag Tool cap removal
– Echo 50XF transmitter
– High power rechargeable Lithium batt (2x)
– Battery charger for Echo batt

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