Mix units

The base of each HDD project is the drilling fluid, hence the phrase “a good start is half the work”.
Therefore the fluid systems (Mix, Pump and Recycling/Reclaiming system) are just as important as the drilling rig and only all units together will offer the optimal situation to complete your projects.

Mix units
From start to finish a properly selected and mixed drilling fluid is key factor to successfully complete a bore and to get the most out of the drill rig performance.

Our no-nonsense mix systems offer efficient and outstanding mixing capabilities.

Several models are available to match the (required) capacity of the high pressure pump (stand alone or on the drill rig).

All models are of compact build and can be supplied with different tanks (PE, Steel or even Stainless) and drive options (diesel or electric) but all feature the same ease of operation and maintenance, tapered hoppers, high performance venturi system, eductors/jets and steel piping to ensure longest lifespan.

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