Gardner Denver

Since creating the first drilling mud pump more than 100 years ago, Gardner Denver has worked hard to build a reputation based on product innovation and commitment to our customers. Our high-performance mud pumps for drilling rigs have been field-tested for nearly a century, and we’re proud to hold the title industry leader, while simultaneously offering our customers the lowest total cost of ownership.

Gardner Denver drilling pumps provide unmatched durability for the most challenging offshore and onshore applications and come with a five-year warranty on the power end, making them the ideal choice for both super-spec rigs and rigs requiring upgrades.

All Gardner Denver triplex drilling pumps are machined for extreme applications and built for resilience. Each pump is backed by One Customer Service, Parts on Demand and our Pump University training programs, ensuring downtime is reduced and drilling pumps remain in the field for the life of the job.

Check out all of Gardner Denver mud pumps to learn more about the product best-suited for your drilling application.

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