Ellis Williams

The Ellis Williams Company, Inc. (EWCO), Houston, Texas, is a manufacturer of premium reciprocating mud pumps.
Years ago EWCO was sold to Rowan Companies, Inc. (NYSE:RDC) subsidiary LeTourneau, Inc.

LeTourneau Ellis Williams Co.Since 1974, LeTourneau Ellis Williams Company has proven its commitment to advanced mud pump technology.
By emphasizing mud pump performance through innovation design and engineering, they have created reliable mud pumps with high-performance feeatures offered by no other manufacturer:

  • Extraordinary weight-to-horsepower ratio
  • 100% roller bearing design with fail safe internal lubrication
  • Durable, all-steel construction
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Inherently balanced crankshaft design

Two popular models used in HDD pumps are the EW440 (W440) and EW446 (W446).

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